The VIAPPL platform allows for the experimental manipulation of virtual social contexts, in order to examine intergroup and interpersonal behaviours, as well as norms that emerge. The VIAPPL has recently been used in South Africa, the Netherlands, and Northern Ireland to conduct social psychological experiments of this nature, focusing on a variety of topics.

On this page you will find links to the various past and present projects using the VIAPPL as an experimental software.

  Project Leader: Kirsty Klipp Full title: A study of interactional factors that affect leadership choices in evolving minimal group
Project leader: Lungelo Mlangeni Full title: An Exploration of the Influence of Groups, Normative Scripts, and Status on the Levels of
Project leader:  Dr Fouad Bou Zeineddine Full title: An experimental study of intergroup behaviour in a minimal group setting: Examining the
Project leader: Kirsty Klipp Full title: The effects of identifiability, accountability and reputation on ingroup favouritism, fairness and selfishness in evolving interaction
Project leader: Kim Titlestad Full title: Social identity emergence and sustainable cooperation What features of the social world facilitate sustainable cooperation? One
VIAPPL is a Virtual Interaction APPLication for behavioural research. This software platform allows researchers to conduct lab-based experiments in social interaction.