Kevin Durrheim

Kevin Durrheim is a professor of psychology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His broad interests are in the field of social psychology of intergroup relations. He has a program of research related to racism, segregation and social change which is embedded in the South African context in which he works and lives. His publications Race Trouble (Durrheim, Mtose & Brown, 2011, UKZN/ Lexington Press) and Racial Encounter (Durrheim & Dixon, 2005, Routledge) have developed from this research program. He has also published methods textbooks that have been quite widely used in South Africa:  Research in Practice(Terreblanche, Durrheim, Painter, 1999, 2006, UCT Press) and Numbers, Hypotheses and Conclusions (2002, 2006, Tredoux & Durrheim, UCT Press). His interest in methodology and intergroup contact both sparked interest in developing a technology that allows social psychologists to study intergroup phenomena like contact in evolutionary and interactive contexts. He has loved the many challenges that VIAPPL presents and the collaboration and exciting research it makes possible.